Review: Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Mud Mask PLUS OGX Moroccanoil Treatment

After a long hiatus in which I have to admit that I did partake in many instagrammable meals, I had to take a break due to some other commitments. I have to state that this blog is really a side hobby for me; I enjoy writing about things but it is for mine and others enjoyment really.

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Honestly after a stressful semester I’ve been indulging in some skincare products and haircare that has honestly helped – one product being the Deep Down Orange Detox face mask by Formula 10.0.06, and the other being OGX Moroccanoil Argan Oil Intensive Treatment.

Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask

This product popped up on my local Priceline store’s shelves a while ago – seeing the little sachets I decided to pick up. They do make a lot of promises, being:

  • uses orange, bergamot and sea salt to remove ‘impurities’
  • is supposed to make your skin glow
  • hydrates and brightens the skin to clear the complexion

The first thing that attracted me was the very funky design on both the full size tube and the sachets – it was a tonal orange. If colours cheer you up then this definitely tries hard to do so.

It’s got a very lovely scent; the website describes it as a glass of orange juice and it does smell like orange. I thought the smell was great but some people find the scent overpowering – it was quite strong. If you’re planning on using this and relaxing with a scented candle, save your money and forget the candle. You won’t be able to detect it!

It made my skin very smooth and easy to work with after. I used it after cleansing my face, left it on and let it dry, and then used toner and moisturiser afterwards. After a couple of uses it seemed to make my skin a little smoother and pores tighter. Certainly when I had it on, it stung a little and I could feel the skin tighten a little. It is quite drying, more drying than my Sukin Clay Face Mask. I’m not sure that it actually did hydrate my skin. Like other decent masks, it does a good job of cleaning out the skin and removing blackheads around the nose area. I wouldn’t call it heavy duty though. But at the meagre price, especially for a sachet (the sachets lasted me four uses) which is $2.99 at Priceline, it’s something that you could try out.

Would I purchase it again? Yes! That being said, I like buying the sachets – they last you for about 4 uses and I’ve already been using the strawberry ‘Pores Be Pure’ version. It’s nice to mix it up, but if you fancy this one, I would recommend a tube size as well.

OGX Moroccanoil Argan Oil Intensive Treatment

I have heard great hype about this product, admittedly old and in the market for a long time. When Priceline had 40% off haircare I picked up this hair treatment as I needed to replace my old treatment, with the discount it was $12.99.

Promises it makes:

  • a deep conditioning treatment
  • adds shine and softness to hair without leaving oily residue

I’ve read a lot of reviews which also talk volumes about the scent it apparently leaves in your hair. I used it before I washed my hair, leaving it in for half an hour or even more in a shower cap, and washed it out and shampooed and conditioned.

Honestly, when I was applying it to my hair it kind of dried onto my hair making it quite stiff, and well, dry. I’m not sure if that really helped. A lot of reviewers and the tub itself recommends wrapping my hair up in a hot towel. That might have helped but then again, if I have to do that in order for it to work then it’s not exactly convenient, is it?

It didn’t leave an oily residue as promised but that being said it didn’t seem to add much in the way of extra lushness or softness. It smelt exactly like any normal shampoo or conditioner, not even coming close to the scent of L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil or Lush H’Suan Wen Hua treatment; and the smell didn’t linger in my hair after I had washed it and blow dried it. In terms of softness, it’s comparable to the aforementioned treatments but those are cheaper than this, and the Lush one I mentioned actually has ingredients that our mothers have been harping on for years about. It wasn’t particularly easy to apply on my thick past-shoulder length hair, and the fact it kept drying out as I applied was just irritating. Would I buy it again? Probably not. It wasn’t terrible, but average…and one can obtain better products which last longer at a cheaper price. L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil is what I would recommend due to it’s multipurpose nature.


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