The Busy Girl’s Guide – A Lifestyle Editorial


This isn’t so much of a post, as an announcement that I thought of. I’ll be publishing my Busy Girl’s Guide to Highlighters later today – and I thought that I should do a series for the busy #girlboss towards whom my blog is aimed towards. I’m going to make an estimate that these will be published every Friday evening for some Saturday morning reading, or Friday night, if you so please. The hashtag will be #busy girls guide. It’s great for ladies whoa re studying, working, or wanting to get organised.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

This series will feature different things different weeks – beauty, fashion, gift guides, blogging tips, quick recipes, and lifestyle tips and ideas. Furthermore, Ii will sometimes feature a list of Blogs to Read, or Reading Material on certain weeks and provide links (that’s my Lazy Girl’s Guide to Blogging Sseries ;^) ). So stay tuned for my first post of this series later in the day!

As this post is in My Desk Edit, here is a list of the items shown:

  • J Burrows Clear Pencil Holder from Officeworks
  • Adore Daily Planner, which I reviewed here
  • Leuchtterm Mini Journal, used for Bullet Journalling
  • J Burrows Corkboard

Happy reading!


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