My 4 Step Evening Skincare Routine

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

As someone with fairly oily skin, sticking to my pre-bedtime skincare routine seems to be essential if I don’t want to look like an oil slick, or a pimply youth, or a dullard. Furthermore as a student, I can’t exactly use 80 dollar plus serums which promise to brighten my complexion or rid me of any worries regarding my skin. I also try to stick to natural ingredients and have been thankful for the existence of Priceline in regards to my routine!


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As a cleanser, I have been using the Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser ($9.95 AUD for 125 ml at Priceline) and the Trilogy Creamy Cleanser ($21.99 for 100 ml at Priceline) alternately. The Sukin cleanser leaves my face feeling tighter when I feel like I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup, but I do prefer the more luxurious feel of the Trilogy cream cleanser. I use a washcloth dampened in steaming hot water to open up my pores, apply the respective cleanser, and then scrub gently to exfoliate. I’ve found that the use of a washcloth really helped my blackhead problems through regular exfoliation.


I then use the Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner ($26.99 AUD for 100 ml at Priceline) – three spritzes on my slightly damp face  is fine and I can feel my pores tighten a little. It’s nothing too drastic though, and others with oily skin may prefer a more astringent based toner. I actually don’t wear foundation regularly at all so I don’t feel the need to use a toner alongside a cotton pad and opt for the more refreshing toner mist instead.

Facial Oil/Serum

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One of the heavyweights of my routine has been the addition of a facial oil – namely the Trilogy Rosehip Oil with Antioxidants ($29.99 AUD for 30 ml at Priceline). I also love the Sukin Rosehip oil a little bit more than the Trilogy one, but I’ve run out of it and wanted to give Trilogy a go. I only go with one drop on my toner-dampened skin, massaging it in and letting it sink in for about 5-10 minutes. Honestly, the rosehip oil makes a huge difference and you will notice glowing skin literally the next morning!

Night Cream

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Finally, I use Moreish Dream Night Cream ($29.99 AUD for 50 ml at Priceline). Honestly if I’m feeling lazy or pressured for time, I’ll mix in the drop of rosehip oil with my night cream; however I’ve found that it takes more time to sink into the skin and not feel so oily on the surface. Nevertheless, this night cream is the right texture and richness for oily skin, without causing dryness unlike some tea tree based lotions.

For someone who only wears a BB cream or foundation on special occasions, the routine works well for me. The Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner offers an adequate amount of balancing with some added hydration, and the rosehip oil, used correctly, will prevent your skin from producing excess oils to compensate. The Moreish Dream Night Cream is a great choice for those of us with oily complexions – hydrating but not clogging. The argan oils, avocado oils and rosehip oils in the routine promote a healthier glow than your everyday skincare would do too! Furthermore, with Priceline’s frequent sales on these more popular brands, the total price would definitely be cheaper than the full price – I’ve bought all of these items on various sale times. For a student on a budget, these items will not only last you a long time, they’ll give you noticeable and quick results.



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